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Representing You Through The Most Complicated Sex Offense Cases

Sex crime charges are severe and extremely sensitive cases that have the potential to ruin your life and reputation. If convicted, you may face not only jail or prison time but also social stigma and mandatory registration in the sex offenders database. However, you have the right to fight against your accusations, and the courts should also listen to your voice.

Rae Shearn Law, in Florida, handles highly complicated criminal defense cases to assert and protect the rights of defendants. Every legal issue is unique and requires personalized legal solutions. You can rest assured that attorney Rae Shearn will unwaveringly defend your rights and develop sophisticated legal strategies to address the charges you face.

A Former Prosecutor To Work On Your Case

The legal practice of attorney Shearn includes her work as a felony chief for the State Attorney Office of Janet Reno. She participated and was responsible for the output regarding investigation and indictment and further stages involving trial and post-conviction relief. Attorney Shearn knows how the prosecutor’s office works and how they build their cases. Moreover, she has tried over 1,300 trials as a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney.

Rae Shearn Law, with offices in Dade and Broward counties, provides highly professional legal assistance in state and federal sex charges such as:

  • Dating and domestic violence
  • Sexual assault or rape of a minor or an adult, elderly or disabled person
  • Sexual exploitation of children or adults
  • The kidnapping of individuals, either minor or adults, for sex
  • Production, distribution or possession of child pornography
  • Sex and human trafficking

Attorney Shearn understands the severe consequences of a sex crime conviction and will use every resource available in your case to address your charges. Call her for the compassionate, bold and experienced legal representation you need.

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