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Highly Qualified Legal Representation In Federal Offenses

A federal crime is complex and may include several accusations of the violation of various state or federal laws. Additionally, the intervention of agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or Health and Human Services (HHS) turns a crime into a federal offense. Rae Shearn Law provides highly experienced and bold legal representation to individuals who face federal charges.

In addition to her private criminal defense practice, attorney Rae Shearn’s professional background includes her work as an assistant state attorney for the Office of Janet Reno and as a law clerk for U.S. Magistrate Judge Peter L. Nimcoff. In over 30 years, she has tried more than 1,300 trials, including death penalty cases. You can rest assured attorney Shearn will work relentlessly to protect your rights.

Assertive, Brave And Professional Legal Counsel

If you have been arrested on federal charges, have received a notification that you are under investigation by a federal entity, or simply suspect you are under investigation, you need immediate legal representation. Attorney Shearn will explain your rights and advise you on the next steps in your process according to the facts and circumstances of your case.

Some of the federal crimes defended at Rae Shearn Law include:

  • White collar crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, counterfeiting
  • Drug crimes involving trafficking and possession with the intent to sell
  • Murder or manslaughter, murder for hire
  • Tax or insurance fraud

Attorney Shearn also represents defendants accused in highly technical cases, including those involving health-related federal crimes. Regardless of the highly technical aspects involved in the accusations you face, she will thoroughly investigate your charges to build your case.

Criminal Charges Involving Health Care

Rae Shearn Law represents the rights and interests of health professionals like physicians or pharmacists in Florida who face federal accusations, as in the following cases:

  • Charges related to illegal distribution or conspiracy to distribute controlled substances or narcotics
  • Prescription of controlled substances that are not for legitimate medical use
  • Fraud involving federal health care programs

If convicted due to a federal crime, you may face prison time, costly fines, and loss of both your standing in society and opportunities due to your criminal record. When there is much to lose, you cannot risk facing your charges alone.

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