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Professional And Knowledgeable Legal Defense Against DUI Charges

Life can take a negative turn from one moment to another, and what was supposed to be a happy occasion or party may turn into a DUI arrest. If you or a loved one is facing charges after blood or breath test results showed a .08% blood alcohol content (BAC), or if you were arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, you need a lawyer.

Facing DUI charges does not mean you should be convicted. Instead, you can argue your charges and assert your rights. Still, you need skilled legal representation to make your case before law enforcement. Attorney Rae Shearn has over 35 years of experience handling the most complex federal and state criminal defense cases, and she is ready to represent you. Attorney Shearn has extensive experience as both a prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer. She is knowledgeable of the prosecution’s arguments and tactics and will use that knowledge to create your legal strategy and fight back.

A Fierce And Unwavering Fight To Protect Your Future Opportunities

Rae Shearn Law represents individuals facing DUI charges, at any stage of the legal process. A DUI accusation in Florida is a severe matter that could lead to long-lasting consequences in an individual’s life. After being charged with DUI, you may lose your driving privileges for months or longer, face conviction and have a criminal record that could affect future educational or job opportunities.

DUI penalties include the following:

  • Potential vehicle confiscation
  • Assessment to identify alcohol abuse issues and mandatory participation in a treatment program
  • Potential license suspension or revocation from six months to two years, depending on any aggravating factors
  • Fines of no less than $500 for a first-time conviction and up to $2,000 for a fourth or subsequent conviction
  • Imprisonment for no longer than six months for a first-time conviction or more than five years for the fourth conviction and subsequent convictions
  • Probation period to reinstate driving privileges and potential installation of an ignition interlock device

Aggravations to DUI charges may include whether a minor was present, if BAC levels were .15 or higher, to mention a few. The list of potential losses is long and intimidating, which is why it is vital to have qualified and knowledgeable legal representation to build a solid defense for you.

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