Facing Criminal Charges? You Need An Attorney
With Over 35 Years Of Experience.

Bold And Professional Criminal Defense Services

Whether a misdemeanor or felony, no criminal charge should ever be taken lightly or be addressed without qualified professional legal assistance. The implications of a criminal charge are life-changing and could limit your opportunities to lead the life you want.

Attorney Rae Shearn has over 35 years of experience as a prosecutor and criminal defense lawyer at federal and state levels. In every case she takes, she stays five steps ahead to ensure she has the arguments and legal bases to fiercely protect your rights.

Upfront Legal Advice And Relentless Advocacy For Your Rights

Rae Shearn Law delivers high-quality and knowledgeable criminal defense services in Dade and Broward counties. Regardless of the complexity of your case, attorney Shearn will work with the necessary experts to better understand your situation and create a legal strategy accordingly.

Below are some of the cases attorney Shearn takes:

  • Federal cases such as drug crimes, including narcotics trafficking outside the U.S. territory
  • Violations of probation, due to reasons such as missing an appointment or committing another crime
  • Complex criminal defense cases, as well as those that involve health professionals
  • Sexual misconduct and other severe sex crimes, including domestic violence
  • White-collar accusations like fraud, embezzlement, extortion and others
  • First-time or recurring DUI offenses

Attorney Shearn’s background includes her work in crime scene investigation, indictment and extensive trial experience and post-conviction motions during her time as a division chief in the State Attorney Office in Miami under Janet Reno. You deserve a committed, highly skilled and professional legal defense to assert your rights and freedom.

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