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How to handle a souvenir DUI charge from a Florida vacation

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | DUI

A vacation in Florida may be just what the doctor ordered if your stress levels get too high. Hitting the beach, visiting amusement parks or going out for an upscale meal could all help you relax and unwind. Unfortunately, people often go too far in their attempts to enjoy their vacations and might run afoul of Florida law during their visit.

All too often, tourists may feel like they have no choice but to try to drive themselves home after one round too many at a nightclub. They may then have to go home after their vacation with pending driving under the influence (DUI) charges outstanding in Florida.

How do visitors charged with a crime during vacation handle such charges?

They likely need a Florida defense attorney

The law is slightly different in every state, and anyone hoping to defend against a crime in Florida will need the help of an attorney familiar with Florida state law. In some cases, depending on the circumstances, having an attorney in-state representing you in criminal court can protect you from needing to repeatedly travel back to the state for hearings.

The defense a lawyer familiar with the Florida judicial system raises on your behalf could protect you from penalties including fines and jail time, as well as the potential loss of your driver’s license.

Fighting DUI charges may be a better option than pleading guilty

Some people think that the simplest way to resolve criminal charges in another state is to plead guilty. However, a DUI charge from Florida will affect the rest of your life even if you never return to the Sunshine State.

Many states recognize convictions from other jurisdictions and will suspend your license upon learning of a guilty plea to a DUI offense. Your insurance provider will also likely learn about the charges and will increase what you have to pay for coverage if you please guilty.

Rather than thinking that a criminal conviction in another state from a charge on vacation is something you can ignore, you need to respond as assertively to it as you would to a charge in the community where you live. Understanding the potential long-term impact of a DUI charge from an arrest during your vacation will help you better respond to the allegations against you.